“Lets Meet Under the Trees”

Sarawak enjoys over 90% shade under its equatorial rainforest trees. It’s green rainforest is also the first sight to all visitors arriving to the state. Therefore, “Lets Meet Under the Trees”, is an appropriate invitation to convention delegates from all places and it is the selected design theme for the Sarawak Convention & Exhibition Centre proposal. From the design theme, the “Rainforest” is the meeting place and the “Rainforest Canopy” is the roof, where the meeting convenes underneath.

The leaf of a rainforest plant, “The Ririg”, which plays an important daily role in local indigenous cultures, is used as the silhouette of the rainforest canopy, forming a series or arches resembling local religious arches, for the external shell of the Convention Centre.

The above combination yielded a functional, construct-able and visually pleasing design solution, nevertheless, the design will be complete when the forest-ness is expressed freely into the finishes and the details of the building.

Facilities includes :

  • Pleanary Hall for 1000 delegates
  • Exhibition Hall
  • Meeting rooms for 1000 delegates in a range of configuration
  • Banquet Hall for 2000 seats
  • 800 car parking bays

MIPIM Asia Award 2010, Hong Kong